Wheel Truing


Bicycle wheels are very sensitive to bumps, cracks and potholes in the road. Our top professional bike mechanics will get your wheels true and get you rolling back down the straight and narrow! Inquire about carbon aero wheel applications.

Spoke Installation


Yes, spokes will break and yes we can fix them for you. Inquire about aero wheels.

Cassette Installation


Especially important when replacing or upgrading your chain.

Chain Installation


We can check if your bike is in need of a new chain. Especially important if you notice your gears skipping or slipping!

Brake/Shifter Cable Installation


Cable installation is tricky business. Let us take this headache off of your hands. Inquire about aero bicycle applications.

Derailleur Adjustment


Your bicycle's drive-train depends heavily on proper derailleur adjustment. Let us check out your shifting! We can also build custom solutions.

Brake Adjustment


On a bicycle, your brakes are your life-line. Don't neglect them. We will assess whether they need adjustment or replacement and get the job done right! We also specialize in disc brakes!

Headset Overhaul


Headsets are complicated, but very important to have tuned correctly to ensure proper bike handling.

Bottom Bracket Overhaul


Bottom brackets can get especially affected when water gets into the works (happens very easily).

Handlebar tape installation


Get a grip! We have a wide assortment of tape and grips for any application.

Bike Boxing


Need your bike shipped for a race or travel? We'll do the job with professional precision and care!

Dogma F8


Bike Depot is a long-standing and highly respected dealer of Pinarello Dogmas. Call us to chat about this superbike.

Jamis Ventura Sport


Shop at Bike Depot for your new Jamis Ventura Sport. We'll get you a great deal the best bike for you.

Professional Bike Fit


Bike Depot is a professional bike fitter serving Union County and South Charlotte.