ElBurro (Toxic Rainbow)

B rider
"Had been burned out riding in the past couple of months so took some time off. This was my first "outdoor" ride in about 4 months. Loved it. Cold brew, fabulous food and the people were welcoming they even overlooked my ability to sweat profusely! Couldn't have asked for a better ride to get me back in the groove!"

Ron & Sandie Gold

Social Tandem
"We are visiting the USA from South Africa and wanted to find a group of cyclists with which we could ride without feeling that we, as an older couple, were a burden. The 2 rides that we have had with the groups from The Bike Depot have been really great! We have been made to feel most welcome and have found our cycling home for the next few weeks. "

Amanda Prothero

"I was having a really bad day. I decided to visit Bike Depot of Waxhaw because so many mentors in Tri it for Life had raved about the store.

I was looking for my first road bike. Teelo made me feel so comfortable despite my lack of experience. I left the store with exactly what I was looking for within my budget. I'm really happy with my purchase and Teelo has a new loyal customer.

I left the store feeling like I'd made new connections and I can't wait to try their group rides.

Thank you so much!"

Rob Smith

"Alan, Thanks again for the great customer service. The kids love the bikes."

Eric Cavanna

"We went into the store to inquire if they sold refurbished bikes and left buying 2. It was such a personalized buying experience that we would highly recommend the Bike Depot. We could not have been any happier about our choice to buy from them."

Bill Mester

"I just purchased my 3 bike fro Teelo and this purchase was no different than the first 2. Friendly, consultative, professional, collaborative. Mixed with humor and a bit of bargaining, I came away with a new bike that fits my needs. Bottom line is if your looking for personal 1:1 buying experience, Bike Depot is the place for you.
Customer 4life!"

Starr Kel Hodel

"Great experience at Bike Depot of Waxhaw. Was time for a new bike for our almost 10 year old son. We were able to trade in his old bike towards the price of the new. The owner "Teelo" took the time to properly fit the bike to our son's size. Much higher quality bike than what you'll see at a typical retail store. Just returned from a fun bike ride, our son was so excited! Thanks again Teelo!"

Bill Alford

"A BIG SHOUT OUT to Teelo and the BIKE DEPOT OF WAXHAW staff for their assistance in preparing my bike for my first 1200k Brevet....755 miles in 83 hours! And a big thanks to Teelo's significant other Trez for preparing the mystery "rocket fuel elixer" that gave me much needed boosts when the energy tank was running low."

Tim Cline

"This crowd knows their stuff....and that is bicycles."

John Nolan

"Great experience! I bought a new hybrid bike yesterday from Teelo at Bike Depot in Waxhaw. I needed a new bike for leisure riding with my family (hard to do on a Road Bike). Teelo showed me all the options and we selected a bike that was perfect for my needs. Teelo made all the necessary adjustments on the spot and I was riding with a perfect fit by the afternoon. Support Waxhaw and buy local! Bike Depot is the way to go!!!"