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2015 Tri Ballantyne

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EPT Racing competed this year as relay teams and really let their extensive training shine on this sprint course of a 300yd swim, 13 mile bike and 5k run!

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$6299.00 ·24.00 lbs

That XCR stands for cross-country race, and there’s simply nothing faster on the course than the new Dakar XCR 29ers. The new fully-active, stable-under-power suspension design is optimized for cross-country performance, with a hyper-efficient 100mm that delivers a slight rising leverage rate in the first 40% of travel and then is linear though the next 60mm keeping the rear tire firmly planted for pedaling efficiency and grip whether you’re laying down the hammer on a climb, or stretching your lead on a descent.


$4199.00 ·17.75 lbs

One part road bike, one part cyclo-cross, ALL ADVENTURE!! The Jamis Renegade line of bicycles is a game changer pioneered by the good folks at Jamis. More clearance than a road bike to accommodate obstacles and wider tires. Less aggressive geometry than a cyclo-cross to keep you pedaling longer. Stop by and see the Renagade in person. You won't be disappointed!


$599.00 ·29.75 lbs

With a 7-speed internal gear hub, upright riding position and relaxed frame geometry, the Hudson Sport Deluxe is ALL ABOUT FUN. Cruise with your friends or commute in style, the Hudson is sure to put one of those ear-to-ear grins on your face every single time.


Happy 5th Anniversary Bike Depot!

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A look back at the past 5 years. Heartfelt thanks to all of our awesome customers and friends!

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Champagne Gallery

The 2015 Jamis Renegade

Are you the adventurous type? Well, why not click here, fill out the form and we can get you onto the most versatile new bikes for 2015!

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Bike Depot Speaks Jamis

The Jamis Bike Depot relationship has been blooming for several years now and will continue to grow strong with your help. Please take a moment to support your local bike shop with some words of encouragement below. After you've viewed the video and photos, please scroll down and let Jamis Bikes know why you think Bike Depot should be featured as one of their "top shops" in terms of customer experience. Thank you from the BDW team!


Bike Depot is a fully authorized retailer of Jamis Bikes and our sales people and technicians are trained specifically on the details of the ultra high performance XENITH line. Check out the video and images below (catalog images are 2014) and then peruse our shop with all of the brand new 2015 models. Contact us for details or just to pick our brain about this phenomenal ride!

2015 Jamis Renegade

Cyclists looking for a high-tech, drop-bar road bike that’s truly go-anywhere/do-anything capable had few choices until today. Meet the Renegade. This is not your standard-issue, “heavy duty” adventure bike. The lightweight, full carbon fiber monocoque frame and fork soaks up the rough stuff and smoothes those mixed terrain routes, thanks both to the inherent shock-damping characteristics of the material as well as the long and low endurance-inspired geo. With disc brakes and the ability to mount a full-bodied 40c tire, this bike is ready for beat-up streets, back roads, dirt paths you name it.

Jamis XC Team

Featuring some of the most badass mountain bikes Jamis ever put out, like the 2012 Dakar XCR Team!

Jamis Hudson

“Our job is to make riding fun,” said Greg Webber, Vice-President of Product Development at Jamis Bicycles. “Simplifying bicycle controls and operation is one of the best ways to guarantee grins. We specified Slidepad’s braking system for the second year on the Hudson because it accomplishes just that: it’s simpler to operate than standard two lever braking systems while offering improved braking performance for a safer, more controlled, more fun ride.”


Steve Dyckes

Steve is a regular leader of our group rides and assists with sales. Steve is an avid cyclist in all disciplines and applies his fitness acumen to other sports such as soccer and adventure racing.

Laurent Painchaud

Laurent "Hotbread" Painchaud is very passionate about endurance sports and has competed in such as events as the Syracuse Ironman 70.3, Thunder Road Marathon, Blue Ridge Relay and numerous duathlons. His favorite event to date was the 2014 Battenkill, dubbed "America's Toughest One Day Race" held in upstate New York. Laurent is Bike Depot's webmaster and provides V1 video analysis for the shop's bike fitting service.

Paul Harrold

Paul is the CEO of Epoch Universal and founded the EPT Racing Team sponsored by Bike Depot.

Joe Lauricella

Joe is constantly testing his limits and is committed to a life of health and fitness. A former Marine, undefeated boxer and finisher of multiple triathlons, Joe has started Semper Tri as a platform to promote the sport he loves and to share his knowledge and enthusiasm in the spirit of competition.


Inaugural Annual Triathlon Camp

EPT Racing · Epoch Universal · May 31, 2015

Epoch Universal is excited to announce its inaugural triathlon camp to be held at Bike Depot on June 6th, 2015. The camp will be led by Ironman Champion, Chris "Big Sexy" McDonald.

Chris grew up in Albury, Australia, where he enjoyed playing field hockey as a child. From his late teens to early 20’s he stopped participating in organized sports and his weight ballooned to 250 pounds. Realizing he missed sports, in 2001 he took up the sport of triathlon, beginning with a 70.3 race in Forster, Australia. Since his first race in 2001, Chris has competed in 43 Ironman races. His personal best is 8:14 over the IM distance and 3:48 over 70.3 distance and today is a 7x Ironman Champion. During his athletic career, Chris has had the chance to work with some of the great coaches and athletes in the sport of triathlon including Scott Molina, Dave Scott, and Brett Sutton. Chris is the founder of the Big Sexy Racing triathlon team.



Joe Lauricella

Ironman in Training

I had just bought a new Tri bike and needed to get a bike fitting fast. I tried an option other than Teelo. After going by the Bike Depot with a issue with my bike, Teelo's keen eye spotted something he just didn't like about the way I was fit on this new bike. He then asked me if I would mind taking a few suggestions on how I could increase both my speed and power. I of course said yes.

Well today I got fit by the best which is Teelo. We made a few tweaks that were just amazing on how much better the bike felt under me. Then it was time to make the rubber meet the road. Test Ride. All I can say is OMG, I am much faster and 100% more comfortable. If you want the best fit by a master come here and see Teelo.

Carol Gore


A big thank you to Teelo Alan Teeling of BIKE DEPOT OF WAXHAW for finding my awesome Jamis Xenith Comp.